About R&R:

I opened R&R BBQ, Buffalo's 2nd food truck, in December 2010. I chose to serve things that I loved like homemade comfort foods such as, hickory smoked pulled pork, mac n cheese and cornbread. I also recruited my mom, Wende Porter, to do all the baked goods like, cookie trays, pies and cornbread because I knew they'd be a big hit. After seeing how much people loved the food from the truck I decided to start offering drop off catering that allowed me to have a wider variety of food options and serve more people. In December 2012 I opened R&R BBQ restaurant. I love the food truck and catering but it's nice to have a home base at the restaurant. I feel that with the food truck, catering and restaurant trifecta we are able to serve a large amount of people and offer many dining options for people. I absolutely love this business and I couldn't imagine doing anything else, I hope that shows in the food and service! I feel very lucky to be able to do what I love and I am very thankful for all the great customers and all of my friends and family who have been supportive and loving through the growing stages of the business!

Love from our customers:

Good Food! -Janine Gavin-Pokrandt, Great brisket and pulled pork a the OP thing! We will be looking for u again -Pat Burke, Brisket wrap and horseradish sauce... Delish! Come back sooooon -Holly Wentlent, Lunch was great. -Barbara Ormond Snyder, Can't wait until Friday at Main and Huron, I need me some BBQ -Kristie Edwards, I love RNR BBQ!!! Totally the best mmmmmmmm BBQ :)-Sara Knapp, The BBQ pulled pork sandwich was delicious along with the mac n cheese and corn bread!-Jessica Hojnacki, Mmmmmmmmmmmmm Dessert! -Christopher Taylor, Keep coming to West Herr Chevy in OP!!!! -Joe DeFilippis, Thank you, lunch was AWESOME -Kozma Fantauzzo, YUM -Shari Kohut, My pulled pork wrap was delightful! -Potter Dee, Thanks for the drop off! Food was delicious and everyone enjoyed it. -Chrissy Zawadzki, I made 3 different stops and your truck during the music is art fest, my new favorite food truck! -Christina Holdsworth, Mmmmm we love your BBQ -Roaming Buffalo, That brownie was amazing! -Heidi McFarland, That food was so good! Thanks for coming to Medaille. -Chris Duerr, Okay sweet! because that pulled pork was probably one of the best I have ever had! -Chris Duerr, It was delicious! -Joyce Cudney, Food was AWESOME today at Tyson! -Brian Awarski, Ur chili was awesome!! Good luck! -Jessica Erwim, Loved my Bday lunch. Thanks BBQ FT. Big hit in my office! We will be back!! -Jeffrey Hirschfelt, Made it thank you! The chili is excellent, taking it home for later. -Sara Etten, I <3 R&R BBQ Food Truck -Marie Michalak Benevento, Great meal today at the history museum!!! Love the wraps! corn bread rocks! -Keith Breisch, I tried ur food for the first time...AMAZING!!! -Jlynn Kiblin, Omg, I can't stop talking about that brisket!! YUM!!..you'll see me again very soon! -Jlynn Kiblin, I'm tellin all of Buffalo about you guys!...xo -Jylnn Kiblin, Let's face it! It's 5 woot food:)I'd definately give it 5 woots! The whole operation 5 woots! I didn't eat meat till u came along-Cindy Chan